To add team members to your account, you need to make sure that:

  • Your Team Member has the proper permissions on Your Facebook Page
  • You Team Member has the proper permissions on Your Facebook Ad Account
  • You are an Administrator on your Naytev Account 

TIP: Unclear on the roles that your team has? Check out our chart that details the translation between Naytev's Roles and Facebook's Roles here.

Once you're sure that the three previous conditions have been met, navigate to the "Settings" icon in the left hand side bar. 

Depending on how you've organized your account, you'll find your "Collaborators" widget in your Organization or your Team tabs. Click into the Collaborator's widget and start inviting your team! 

TIP: If you don't see this widget in your Organization or Team view then you are not the Administrator of your team. Only the Administrator has the ability to invite additional team members. 

Initially, you can only invite team members as Test Editor, Viewer, or Social Publisher. 

  • Invite Via E-Mail: You can specify an individuals role
  • Invite Via Link: Everyone who uses the link will be added as a Test Editor

If you'd like to make another Administrator invite your team member to join Naytev through the methods above. Once they've joined, the Administrator of the team can change their role with the drop-down by the right hand side of their name. 

TIP: Always make sure that your Facebook Page and Ad Permissions are correct! 

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