Naytev Score Overview - Which Packaging is Best
Learn how Naytev's advanced message Score works
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Naytev's message Score quickly shows you which message is the best performer, and how each message is performing relative to others in your test.

Assessing message performance typically involves some guesswork and spreadsheet analysis, but Naytev automatically conducts a robust analysis for you.

Naytev's Score reflects the true rank of your messages, and it's tailored to each test type (link, image, and video). 

Performance Scale

The Score is on a scale of 0 to 100, and reflects net performance across the metrics most important for your test type. The message with the highest net score across all metrics is assigned a score of 100, and all other messages are assigned a score that reflects performance relative to the top message. 

Fair, Robust Scoring

The weight of each metric is dynamic, with more weight assigned to metrics where there is greater performance differences between messages. This ensures weighting is fair and clearly identifies which message is the best net performer.

For example, within a link post test, click-through rate (CTR) will be automatically given more weight if there is a large CTR performance difference across messages, such as a CTR range from 1 - 6%. If the range is smaller, such as 5 - 6%, CTR results will be given less weight. 

Focus on Net Performance

While sometimes counter intuitive, the message that performs best on individual key metrics (e.g. CTR, View Rate, total impressions served, CPC, etc.), may not be the best message. 

For example, assuming two link post messages share a comparable CTR, the message with a less expensive CPC will drive more referral traffic than the other message when shared. The higher cost message may have good CTR during the test, but its higher cost indicates it may only maintain that rate with a smaller subset of your target audience. The other message's lower cost indicates it will better maintain its CTR across a much larger portion of your target audience.

Focus on the Right Messages

Naytev's Score is provided for all messages with at least 250 impressions, which means not all messages will necessarily be assigned a score in a given test. This is by design, and maintains focus on the messages most likely to maximize your results. 

Facebook often phases out messages before they reach 250 impressions when estimated future performance is much lower than that of your other test messages. 

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