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What if I don't want to post the best message?
What if I don't want to post the best message?
I prefer the variation that came in second.
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Awesome! As long as you've taken a look at the metrics that matter to you, you're free to do what you want with your test results. 

As mentioned elsewhere in the Education Center, we're looking for the best overall message that blends together a variety of metrics to determine which message is "the best." We don't filter for a single metric, we use all the metrics to understand how to best achieve your goal. 

To publish any message to your Facebook Page, navigate to the appropriate test and click on the variation that you want to post. 

Once the preview has changed to the content variation you've selected, click on the "Schedule Post" button underneath the preview, a pop-up should appear asking when and where you'd like to post your content. 

After you've chosen your preferences, what page, whether to post immediately or schedule the post in the future, click Post and you're all set. 

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