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Rapidly Run Test Iterations to Learn More and Improve Performance
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Naytev enables you to easily clone your tests, making it easy to test content across multiple Pages, run audience cohort analysis, evaluate different optimization goals, or simply fix a message disapproved by Facebook. 

Get Started With Cloning

From your Test Result view click the Clone icon at the top of the screen. Alternately, visit your Test List, click the "modify" button on the right of the page, and click "Clone"

In the pop-up that appears, you can modify the test Page, Optimization Profile, preferences for when your Best Message should be shared organically, and designate if the post is sponsored. 

Don't worry, you can swap your target audience and set other preferences on the Review page before submitting your test.

After you've made your selection and click "Clone", you can review and edit your creatives in the Test Editor.  Next click "Preview" and you'll see all variations together.

Here you can can edit the Test Name, Target Audience and other settings specific to the type of test you're running. 

Great Reasons to Clone Your Test

1. Find Which Message Works Best For a Different Page

What message works will differ across Pages and audiences. If you manage multiple Pages and you're optimizing content that's relevant to crosspost, try running a test before crossposting to find which message works best.

2. Find Which Message Works Best With a Different Target Audience

Like most companies, yours probably has several target demographics - let’s call them personas. You can produce content with generalized appeal to all personas, or targeted appeal to particular personas. You can certainly experiment with breaking into new audiences by changing your content - go broader or more niche - but this is slow and expensive.

Instead, repackage your content with a test and distribute the iterations to your target personas. This data-driven approach reveals packaging resonates best with each persona.

Naytev automatically allows you to target any audience you've created via Facebook Ads Manager. If you've just created a new audience in Power Editor, the audience will be selectable in Naytev within a few minutes. If you don't see a particular audience you created, (1) confirm that you created that audience under the same Ad Account as you're using for your given team on Naytev, and (2) try refreshing your webpage.

3. Evaluate the Effectiveness of Different Optimization Goals

It is possible to achieve your social performance goals using different optimization goals, and cloning gives you a chance to evaluate the efficacy of different goals. For example, if you want to drive more Facebook referral traffic, you can optimize for "Post Engagement" for your first test, clone it, then optimize for "Website Clicks (CPC)". Comparing your test results will reveal which optimization goal works best for you.

4. Fix Typos or Disapproved Messages

Sometimes you'll have message typos or have a message rejected by Facebook for violating its advertiser rules (Naytev auto-alerts you if there's a Facebook issue). To quickly get things back on track, pause the test that has an issue, clone it, make any necessary fixes and resubmit.

If you have a message that has been disapproved, and you know it doesn't violate Facebook's policies, simply clone your test and resubmit it for approval. 

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