Enable Branded Content Tagging
How to use Facebook's branded content handshake tag to drive more engagement and save money
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Enable Branded Content Tagging

To follow Facebook's Branded Content Policy, you must perform the Sponsored Content Handshake that identifies your brand partner within a Naytev test. 

If you'd like to turn on the the option to enable the branded content handshake, please visit Settings > Paid Promotions, and set "Enable Branded Content" option to "On". Your changes will automatically be saved. 

After your settings are saved, you have the option to turn the Branded Content Handshake on by default for all your Naytev tests. You'll be able to see the changes in the Add Content Screen. 

Whenever you access the Add Content Screen you can adjust your Branded Content options in the lefthand sidebar. 

Use the Branded Content Handshake 

To use the Branded Content Handshake, make sure that it's turned on and simply enter the Facebook URL of your Partner/Sponsor. 

TIP: Learn more about Branded Content directly from Facebook here.

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