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After you've approved the best message, share your post (with all earned engagement) to your official page.
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A powerful way to quickly amplify the value of your test is to distribute your best message. There are several ways to distribute your best message, so pick whichever option best fits your workflow. 

We highly recommend sharing the best test message from your test with fans as an organic post through Naytev. Completing your post through Naytev enables you to carry through the total engagement earned from the test, which both shows great social proof and improves performance.

Manually Share Your Best Message as an Organic Post to Fans

If you chose to automatically post the best message from your test using Naytev's advanced publishing service, you're all set. 

If you aren't using this service, or chose "do not post" during test setup, you can still manually post your best message.

Manually Post Your Best Message 

To schedule your winning message, click "Schedule Post" under message preview in Test Results. Clicking this button will not share your post right away! 

Instead, it will launch a window where you can select whether to post now, at a specific time in the future, or at an optimal time identified by Naytev.

Even though your best message was originally a sponsored post, Naytev allows you to publish it as an organic post, so Facebook's "Sponsored" text is removed.

Show What You Earned

Posting your best message with Naytev carries through the total engagement earned for that message during the test: both paid and organic-from-paid. 

Posting the winning message, carrying over the tested engagement, through Naytev shows powerful social proof to fans and sends the right signals to Facebook and Instagram's algorithms. 

This means you'll never have another "ghost post" - every best message you share instantly shows your extensive earned reactions, comments, shares, and views. 

TIP: Curious about Total Earned Engagement? Learn more about it here.  Review Your Test Results.

Apply Your Best Message Everywhere

Advanced teams drive even more growth from their tests using Naytev's enterprise Global Optimization API service. Global Optimization enables you to automatically apply your best message everywhere you want, from on-site sharing to Facebook Instant Articles and Google AMP. 

For example, you can have Naytev automatically update your website og:title, og:description, and og:image with the corresponding creatives from your best message. 

This ensures that every time a reader shares your content from your website (e.g. clicks the Share button), the message they share is the version proven to drive the most engagement and referral traffic.

Click below to learn how to unlock significant growth with Global Optimization.

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