Once you submit your test, your test will typically require 6-12 hours, but up to 24 hours, to reach Confident Results.

  • Approval time: Once you submit your test for Facebook review, Facebook typically requires 1 to 4 hours to approve your messages. 

  • Run time: After message approval, Facebook typically requires 4 to 6 hours to reach Preliminary Results, and 6 to 20 hours to reach Confident Results. Run time can be notably longer at night because fewer people are online. 

  • Status Notification: Naytev emails you when confident results are ready; ensure you receive this email by confirming your address under Account > Preferences.

Facebook controls the test pace, but you can sometimes accelerate the pace by up to a few hours in two ways:

  • Reduce the number of test messages (e.g. text 6 instead of 12 messages); this can reduce test performance, since fewer test messages are evaluated.

  • Increase the test budget (e.g. double your normal budget)

You can safely use both of these techniques for the same test. 

Important: Reducing test time doesn't accelerate pace, and may result in test failure.

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