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How does Naytev pick the "best message"?
How does Naytev pick the "best message"?
How to interpret your results and what Naytev prioritizes
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Message Prioritization

Naytev's data-driven testing prioritizes messages based on their performance. Using proprietary machine learning software test budgets are dynamically allocated across all messages in a given test. More budget is allocated to better-performing messages, and less budget is allocated to worse performing messages.

Performance Metrics

Messages are ranked based on their Naytev Score, which reflects each messages net performance and performance relative to others in your test. You can learn more about how we pick the best performing message here:

You can see the Naytev Score and all other key results in the 'Test Results' view. If you want to run custom analytics we recommend accessing your detailed test results using Naytev's excel exports. Learn more here:

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