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Understand result confidence, message ranking and key metrics
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We take the results of your tests and consolidate them into an easy to read macro view of how your content performed. That way you can easily isolate and publish the best performing message as soon as possible. 

Here are how you can interpret the test indicators for a completed test.

Test Confidence Confidence

Naytev tests have 4 phases of confidence: More Data Needed, Preliminary Results, Confident Results, and Very Confident Results. These thresholds are based on volume of data collected from your test messages.

We recommend sharing your best message at phase 3 or 4, Confident Results or Very Confident Results.

Generally it will take 6-12 hours, but sometimes up to 24, to reach Confident Results.

TIP: Want to see a breakdown of the testing timeline? Click here!

Paid & Organic-From-Paid Engagement

Your Naytev tests drive paid and organic-from-paid engagement. Test messages are served to your target audience, and when that audience engages with your post, their friends see the post and engage with it too. This downstream post engagement from friends of your target audience is categorized "organic-from-paid".

Naytev tracks all engagement - view a quick summary by hovering over "Total Engagement" at the top of your Test Results. 

Total Engagement = Paid Engagement + Organic-from-Paid Engagement. You can access more data with Naytev's excel export in Test Results and the Test Menu.

The Blended Metrics at the bottom of the pop-up combine Paid Engagement and Organic From Paid Engagement metrics to give you a more accurate representation of the value you received from you test. 

Message Ranking & Naytev Score

Naytev will always find the best message variation out of the messages that you submit for testing. The winning message will always have a Naytev Score of 100 and dynamically move to the top slot for easy viewing. Each message variation will have a detailed breakdown of their individual performance to the right of the thumbnail, Post Text and Headline combinations. 

Naytev determines the winning message by blending a variety of metrics together, based on the optimization goals that you've set, in order to rank the messages by performance. You can always see why our algorithm ranked a message above another by hovering over the "i" in the score column to see a detailed breakdown of the Naytev Score. 

Approve and Distribute Your Best Message

Once you've gone over the results of your test, you're ready to distribute your battle-tested best message.

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