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Take control of your creatives. How to add different images, titles and messages to your test.
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After uploading your content, the second step is to add additional messages and images. Naytev automatically generates post variations based on the creatives you add. 

For example, if you add 3 images and 3 messages, Naytev will generate 9 posts, which you'll see when reviewing and submitting your test. 

TIP: Through thousands of tests, we've found tests do best with 6-9 variations of your content. 

Draft Tests

Naytev automatically saves your draft test, so you can exit at any time. You can always pick back up where you left off by visiting your "Tests" menu, and click the "View" button adjacent to the draft test.

Adding Test Creatives

When adding creatives, it's very important to use meaningfully different variations; each variation is a different way of telling your story. In the edit screen, you can add different creatives to all your different types of content. 

If you've enabled a Call To Action, you can also change the Call to Action on each variation in the edit screen. 

Link Test

For link tests make sure to add different variations of your Thumbnail, Post Text, and Headline. To change your thumbnail, you can always upload an image directly from your computer, copy and paste the URL from an image already hosted on your site or choose from any of the auto-detected images from your site. 

Video Test

For a video test you can test different cuts of video against each other, change the thumbnail and post text. If you'd like to experiment video headlines make sure to turn the Call To Action on. Facebook requires a Call To Action before it allows the headline field to be used. 

To change your thumbnail, you can upload an image directly from your computer, copy and paste the URL from an image already hosted on your site or pull stills from the video content you uploaded by clicking "Grab Thumbnails."  

Image Test

For an image test, you can add image and post text variables. You can upload an image from your computer, add an image from a URL, or pick from your image library. For the post text, you can type directly into the text field on the edit page. 

Text Test 

For a pure text test, you can type in all your Post Text Variations in the text field on the edit page. 

Preview and Submit Your Tests

You'll get the best results by modifying all available variables to you. Keep in mind by adding different variations you are packaging your story to be consumed in different ways. 

TIP:  Check out our Best Practices for Test Variation help article! 

When you've finished adding your test creative materials, click the "Preview" button in the top corner of your screen, and review your tests. 

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