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Content is King! While Naytev provides you powerful insights via A/B testing, the key ingredient lies with your content. Through Naytev you have the ability to create a test directly from the imported content from your linked RSS feed, manually uploading your link, video, or photo, or testing an existing post on your page. 

TIP: The fastest way to generate tests is to pull them directly from your RSS Library. RSS Feed not linked? Learn how to add multiple RSS Feeds to your Account.

Manually Create a Test 

If you chose to start your test manually, you'll be prompted to select the post type and upload the content. 

  • Link Post: Provide a permalink or Open Graph URL. Naytev provides advanced analytics, but you can append UTM parameters for additional tracking.

  • Video Post: Naytev supports all video formats supported by Facebook and Instagram. We recommend using a .mp4 video file that is 16:9 aspect ratio. 

  • Image Post: Naytev supports all image formats supported by Facebook.

  • Text Post: Provide the textual copy that you want to share to your social handle. 

Create A Test From Your RSS Feed 

If you chose to start the test from your RSS feed, Naytev automatically detects the post type and imports the content. Manipulate the filters on the Homepage to find unposted content from your RSS Feed. 

Once you've filtered for the content that you want to test, simply click on the green "Plus Icon" on the left to populate the Add Content Screen with the article that you've selected. 

Create a Test From Already Posted Content 

If you want to amplify a high performing piece of content or breathe new life into a piece of content that didn't perform well, you can use the Content Page to filter for the content you want to test and click on the green plus button to the left of it. Once you find the content that you want to test, click the green plus icon on the left hand side to populate the Add Content Page. 

Add Content Page

The Add Content Page is the launch pad for setting up your test. On the left hand side of the page you can set your Test Budget, Posting Option, Optimization Goal etc. and on the left hand side of the page you can treat this preview as your first message variation that you wish to test. 

Select Your Social Handles

The Social Handle you select is the Facebook page your test messages will be associated with. If you post your test's winning message through Naytev, you'll be able to transfer over all the tested engagement earned to an organic post. 

TIP: The Social Handle for the test that you select will be the only page eligible to receive your tested engagement. 

After you test has run and the best message is identified, you can cross post the message to other eligible social handles. 

Share the Best Message at the Best Time 

After your test completes, you can have Naytev automatically share the best message with your social fans at an optimal time. To do so, choose one of Naytev's customizable, "Post Intelligently" options and the best message will be shared at the best time during a time range that you select. 

Post Test Results Manually

Alternatively, if your content needs to be published at a specific time and date, you can schedule you winning message to go out with the "Post At A Specific Time." 

Additionally, you can select the "Do Not Post" if you only want to run a test or if you need to review results before publishing the best message. 

Edit Your Baseline Test Message

The preview on the right-hand side of the screen will be treated as your first message. Feel free to change the post text, headline and thumbnail. 

Link Tests
Before adding multiple test messages, you’ll first create a baseline message using the fully editable post preview on the right side of your screen.

You can change the thumbnail by clicking on the three buttons in the upper right hand corner. We provide alternative thumbnail options for you by automatically detecting all other images on your webpage and providing you the option to switch them out. Using the crop button, feel free to edit your image and draw focus to the best parts. You can also upload a new image directly from your computer. 

Video Test
For video tests we offer you the same options! We auto-detect different images within the video and provide different thumbnails for you to choose. After you've selected a thumbnail, you can use the crop tool to reframe your image or focus on a specific part. If none of the thumbnails appeal to you, you can always upload an image directly from your computer. 

Image Test
Since you're testing an image, you can upload the initial image and crop it to your desired specifications. In the next screen you'll be able to add more images to test. 

TIP: We also support GIF Testing! 

Text Test
For purely text tests, you'll only have the Post Text field to play around with. Much like with the other content types, treat the preview on the right hand side of the page as your first message variation. Once you click continue you'll be allowed to add more variations of text to your test. 

Once you've defined your baseline message, click "Prepare Test" to move onto the Test Editor and prepare the rest of your test messages! 

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