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How to Assign Team Member Facebook Ad Permissions
How to Assign Team Member Facebook Ad Permissions
How to setup appropriate ad permissions for your team.
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Who Has Access To Your Ad Account 

  • To open Facebook ads manager click on the the carrot on the far right of the toolbar and then select "Manage Ads."

  • On the main FB Business Page, click on Business Settings:

  • Using the lefthand navigation bar, find the "Ad Accounts" under the larger "Accounts" title. 

  • In Ad Accounts, you'll be able to see the total number of Ad Accounts that a business manager has access to. Select the appropriate account and you'll get an in-depth view of who already has access to your ad account and the opportunity to invite new team members. 

Add New Teammates To Your Ad Account 

If you want to add a Team Member that is completely new, navigate to Users and then "People."

Once in the people tab, click the blue " + Add" Button in the middle column. 

A pop-up will appear and you'll enter the email address of the individual that you want to invite, select Page Actions and then Ad Account Actions. 

For Naytev Admins they will need the following permissions: 

  • Facebook Page: Admin Access 

  • Facebook Ad Account: Admin Access 

For Social Publishers and Test Editors they will need the following permissions: 

  • Facebook Page: Publish Content, Moderate Comments, Create Ads 

  • Facebook Ad: Manage Campaigns, View Performance 

For Viewers they will need the following permissions:

  • Facebook Page: View Page Performance  

  • Facebook Ad: View Performance 

Change a Users' Existing Permissions 

When you've selected the relevant ad account and are in the people tab, click on the individual whose permissions need updating. 

Once you've clicked on that person, their permissions associated with a specific asset will appear and be editable. Make the changes that you need and then click save.

As a reminder you can always manage the individual user permissions for all Pages and Ad Accounts within your Facebook Business Manager by going to Users > People. 

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