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Using Naytev's Organization API, you can find the teams and social handles associated with your account. Organizations can contain one or more teams, and teams can be related to many social handles. 

If multiple teams are associated with the same social handle, the social handle will have the same ID across those teams. This ID is different than the ID Facebook or Twitter gives to the social handle on their platform. Social handles may be shared across teams, so all the teams with access to a given social handle will see content published for that handle.

API Endpoints

GET /v1/team


Returns an array of teams within the organization.


200 - JSON Array
A list of Team objects will be returned to you.

  id: Number,
  name: String

GET /v1/team/:teamID/socialHandle


Returns an array of Social Handles that are associated with the team.


  • teamID - The ID of the team


200 - JSON Array
A list of Social Handle Objects

  id: Long,
  name: String,
  network: NetworkType
  networkURL: String,
  isSchedulerActive: Boolean,
  timezone: String

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