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Advanced Social Media Performance Analysis and Reporting
Advanced Social Media Performance Analysis and Reporting
Quickly understand results and opportunities for improvement across your social profiles
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Every social media management solution gives you a results view, but most are oversimplified and lack valuable details. Naytev gives you the most advanced set of social performance analytics, spanning everything from overall team performance to asset-level and post-level performance. Here is where to go for each tier of social media reporting:

Performance Menu

Naytev provides overall performance across all social profiles linked to your account, covering time ranges from the past 30 days through All Time (going back to when you first linked each social profile to your Naytev account).


We provide a count of each of the following metrics for the time frame you selected: total posts, engagement, clicks, video views, shares, comments. We also show the percent change for each metric in the current period you selected (e.g. most recent 30 days) versus the previous period.

For example, imagine it is November 30th. If you had 100,000 total shares this month (current 30 day period), and 90,000 shares last month (e.g. October), then Naytev would display 100,000 shares for this month with "+ 11.1%" next to it. This 11.1% value represents the increase in total shares between the current and previous periods.

Page Engagement Over Time

Here you can view a breakdown of total engagement over time by social profile. Hover over the line chart to see the values behind the lines.

Page Engagement Breakdown

This section provides a tabular breakdown of key engagement metrics by social profile. You can see the count of posts as well as the total and average engagement by type. Naytev also displays the change in total and average versus the previous period (just like the October v. November example in the Performance Menu - Summary section above).

Page Posts

Quickly see how many posts have been shared to each of your social profiles. Naytev also shows you the relative distribution of posts by content type - link, video, image, and text.

Post Timing Analysis

Naytev provides advanced social post timing analysis so you can easily see which post times result in the most audience engagement. Naytev's calculations exclude posts with outlier performance -- i.e. posts with abnormally high performance and abnormally low performance -- to ensure the analysis is more robust and not skewed.

Best Post TImes

We give you a list of your top 5 performing post times as well as the average engagement earned during each of those times.

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