Get Started with Naytev's Advanced Social Scheduling
Setup, Settings, and How It Works
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Here's everything you should know to get started with Naytev's advanced publishing. If you haven't yet, be sure to first read the Overview of Naytev's Advanced Publishing.

After using Naytev, you'll no doubt find many powerful features not covered here; this guide focuses on the essentials, starting with configuring your scheduling rules. 

Publishing Options and Weekly Schedule

Naytev allows you to share posts immediately, at a specific time in the future, or ‘Intelligently’ during available Post Timeslots. 

Naytev automatically generates a 7 day Posting Schedule with available Timeslots based on (1) your Posting Rules; and (2) Naytev’s analysis of when your fans are most active. 

Posting Rules

Your Posting Rules define both how many Post Timeslots are available, and how Post Timeslots are spaced throughout the day. 

Standard Rules allow you to set a fixed number of available Timeslots for each day:

Advanced Rules allow you to set a minimum and maximum number of posts that you want shared in a given day. You can also define a minimum time buffer between posts.

To access Advanced Posting Rules in your Scheduler Settings, just edit an existing rule (click the pencil icon), or click '+ Add Rule', then click the gear icon to set your Minimum and Maximum post number:

Automatically Post Intelligently

Eliminate the guesswork when planning your social schedule using Naytev's 'Post Intelligently' feature, which ensures your posts are shared when your fans are most active.

The best times to post aren't universal or static; Naytev recognizes this, and our analysis is tailored to each social handle, day of week, and time of year. Naytev dynamically updates our analysis daily as new data comes in.

Naytev assigns posts to be shared at the best performing times first, and the lowest performing times last. For example, if Naytev identifies that 11am is better than 8am, Naytev will fill the 11am Timeslot before the 8am Timeslot.

You can choose to Post Intelligently within x number of hours, x number of days, or during Content Windows like “Weekday”, “Weeknight,” or “Weekend”. 

For very urgent posts or breaking stories, we recommend selecting "Post Immediately" or "Post at a Specific Time" rather than a Post Intelligently option.

Create Custom Content Windows

Content Windows are time ranges that you can Post Intelligently to. They enable you to easily queue dozens of posts in minutes, and ensure your posts are automatically shared at optimal times, even if you're not at the office.

We provide 3 great Content Windows to start with, and you can modify them. You can also create more Content Windows for time ranges you commonly use.

To create and modify your Content Windows, visit Team > Scheduler Settings.

Automatically Queue New Content

Naytev enables you to easily access your new website content in your Naytev Content Library, and enables you assign Posting Rules to that content too.

You can, for example, arrange for your new website articles to be automatically shared at an optimal time within 24 hours. You have many options: any Naytev Rule you can assign to a normal post, you can assign to content in your RSS Feed too.

To enable this feature in minutes, just visit Team > Content Feeds, click '+ Add Content Feed', and complete the instructions that follow. Here are more details:

You can also assign Advanced Post Rules to your automatically queued content. For example, you can arrange for your new website articles to be automatically shared at an optimal time within 24 hours, BUT be put 'On Hold' so you can review and edit those posts first. Learn more about Advanced Post Rules below:

Save Draft Posts for Later 

By default, all posts are 'Active', which means will be automatically shared according to the Post Option you select.

When creating or editing a post, you can instead set it to 'On Hold', which sets it as a draft. While you can still select when the 'On Hold' post should be shared, Naytev will not share it unless you or a teammate disables the 'On Hold' toggle. 

Flagging a post as 'On Hold' is helpful when you want to save a post that's in progress or that your team needs to review.

You can access all 'On Hold' posts under Post Schedule >  Queued Content

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