How to Disable Posts from Sharing
Stop scheduled posts and block additional posts
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We provide several options for disabling posts, broken down below by urgency:

Emergency Scenarios

In the case of an absolute emergency, your team can visit Settings > Publishing and change the post rules such that only 1 post per day is allowed per social handle. 

Your team would then visit your Schedule, and toggle off the 1 time a day time slots using the Lock icon. 

When your ready to resume posting after taking these emergency steps, you'll need to visit Settings > Publishing to reconfigure your post rules.

Non-Emergency Scenarios

Edit Post Settings

Visit Your Content Detail view or Schedule, locate the post, click View Post. Then click 'Delete' on the bottom left OR click the drop down icon next to 'Schedule' then click 'Save as Draft' (recommended).

Move Posts to the Draft Folder

Visit your Schedule view, locate the post, ensure it is "Unlocked", then click and hold the left side of the post and drag it over to your 'Draft Post' bucket on the left side of your screen. 

Prevent Posts from Being Shared During a Particular Timeslot

If you want to ensure a new post isn't slotted to fill the times you just emptied by completing one of the two options above, please click the lock icon in the post time slot that you just emptied in the Schedule.

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