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Share an Organic Branded Content Post without Paid Spend
Share an Organic Branded Content Post without Paid Spend
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Naytev highly recommends promoting your Facebook branded content posts using a Test to ensure the best performance, and you can organically post the best message from the test when it's complete.

However, you can also share a branded content post organically without spending money. To do so you will complete the Test setup process, but pause the test at the end to prevent any money from being spent, while still ensuring that your branded content is shared as an organic post at your desired time.

To get started, create a new Test for the content you would like to share. 

In the initial setup view, first tag your branded content partner. If you haven't used this feature before, please review our setup and first use guide here.

 Next, for the post option, select "Post at a Specific Time:

You don't need to modify the budget settings, since no money will be spent. 

Next, edit the creatives on the right as you would for a normal organic post. 

Once your draft post is complete, click "Continue" in the top right corner. Next you'll see the Test Editor view, where you will not add more creatives — instead, just click "Preview" in the top right corner. Dismiss the warning message about adding additional creatives by clicking "Proceed Anyway".

Next you'll be taken to the Preview page, where you'll click "Run Test and Post" in the top right corner. 

Once you do so, you'll be taken to the Test Result page, where you will immediately click the Pause option in the top right corner. This ensures no money will be spent, while your organic branded post with the partner handshake will still be shared at the time you specified.

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