You've seen how the Smart View can aggregate your content and show you the most important things right on your homepage. Learn how Columns interact with filters for a completely customized homepage tailored to you. 

While Filters affect what content you see, Columns show you different metrics and analytics on a single piece of content across platforms or by social network. 

To edit columns in your Smart View, click on the "Columns" button on the upper right.

A pop-up will appear and show you available metrics you can choose to display. All currently viewable columns can be seen in the rightmost column. 

Using the filters on the far left, you can search for metrics you want to track by name, source, content type, or social network. 

You can also drag and drop any available metrics to the "Displayed Columns" field on the right. 

You can order them however you like by dragging and dropping. Once you've put together all the columns you want to display, click Apply and the pop-up will disappear.

You'll then be brought back to the Content Page with your Columns displayed.

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