The Naytev Smart View is completely customizable to what you or your team needs. You can save as many private or public Smart Views as you'd like, giving you the flexibility to create a custom Smart View for your role or a series of Smart Views for your team to use and implement. 

Create a Smart View

You can create a custom Smart View by adding additional filters or columns to the main view. 

TIP: Click here to learn about columns and here to learn about filters and why they make the Smart View so special. 

Once you've added the filters for the content that you want to track and added columns for the metrics that you want to see, click the hamburger icon and select "Create New Smart View." Alternatively you can also click the "Save As New" in the upper left hand corner as well. 

Once you click either option, a pop-up will appear that asks you to name your new view and select whether it should be private or visible to your team. 

Once you've finished filling out all fields click save. You'll be able to pick your newly created view from the drop down. You can create as many Smart Views as you want.

Choose Between Existing Smart Views

You'll always be able to tell which Smart View is on display by looking at the Title Field. Switch between Smart Views (Personal or Team) by clicking the dropdown and selecting the View you would like to see. 

Edit or Update a Smart View 

You can tailor any existing Smart Views in the dropdown by adding Filters for your content and Columns that provide additional metrics that you need to see. If you'd like to use your newly customized view more frequently, click "Update this Smart View" in the upper right hand corner or choose to save your newly customized Smart View as a completely new view. 

If you'd like to change the name or the sharing level of your Smart View, navigate to the view in question, click the hamburger icon and then select "Edit Name & Sharing."

Favorite a Smartview

If you or your team is managing a long list of Smart Views, you can favorite the View that you use most often by clicking the star icon in the title. 

Once a Smart View is favorited it will be shown at the top of the dropdown list. 

Clone a Smart View

If you want to use one of the existing Smart Views as a template, click the hamburger icon and click "Clone a Smart View." This will move over all content filters and columns associated with the existing Smart View to a new View you can customize - without fear of changing the original. 

Delete a Smart View

If you want to delete a Smart View, use the dropdown to navigate to the view that you want to delete and select it. Once the Title has changed to the Smart View that you want to delete, click the hamburger icon and select "Delete Smart view." A pop-up warning will appear asking to confirm your choice. 

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