Recirculate Your Best Posts
You can easily replay or bulk recirculate content that's been posted to your social handles from one place - the Content Page.
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The Content Page is a powerful tool that was originally created to help you manage the entire lifecycle of your content by allowing you to see how your content performed across all social networks in one centralized spot. 

We're constantly looking for ways to consolidate your workflow and save you time, so you can now easily recirculate posted content from this screen too. 

On the Content Page use the filter on the left hand side of the page help you find the content that you want to recirculate. You can also click on the the columns to the right to show you the content that has the most or least engagement. 

TIP: You can search for content that's been posted within a specific date range, for content with a specific tag, content not posted to a particular social handle etc. 

Once you've identified that content that you want to recirculate it, click on the blank square next to the thumbnail in order to select it. Select as many pieces of content as you'd like. 

TIP: The square box at the top of the screen will select automatically select all content shown on the page.

Once you're satisfied click the "X Selected" dropdown in the upper right hand corner and select recirculate. A pop up will appear and ask you to select your posting preference, content status and the Social Handle you'd like to post to. 

TIP: All content recirculated intelligently will follow your Posting Option in conjunction with the Publishing Rules that were configured in your Settings. 

Once you've confirmed your settings, click save! You can see and edit your recirculated content in the Schedule Screen. 

Posting New Content To Facebook 

If we detect that a piece of content hasn't been posted to Facebook before, a pop up will appear and ask you to customize the content's creatives. 

Once you're happy with your post, simply click continue to have your content scheduled according to your post option. 

Recirculate Twitter Content 

In order to recirculate Twitter Content, you must connect your account to Naytev and have shortlinking active on a social handle. 

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