Boost Top Performing Past Posts
Easily Find Past, High Performing Posts to Boost
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Naytev provides you with all key information needed to identify how your posts are performing and boost posts that should be promoted,

From the Post Schedule Page

If you'd like to boost a piece of content that's already been posted, navigate to that piece of content on the right hand side of the Post Schedule and click "Boost Post." 

Once you kick off a boost, your post will be enhanced with a boost results view that highlights the paid and organic engagement you've earned. Click "View Post" to see the Post Detail view, which includes a more detailed performance breakdown.

From the Content Page

Naytev provides powerful search options so you can hone in on top performing posts based on any combination of metrics you care about. For example, you could choose to search for posts with the highest amount of traffic, video view rate, etc. in the past week, then selectively boost the best.

Visit the Content page, load your preferred Smart View, then click the # count of Previous Posts adjacent to any given piece of content.
This loads the Post Detail view. Then navigate to the Post you would like to boost and click "Boost Post" 

Select your preferred boost goal (e.g. Website Clicks), select "Review" and then edit the boost parameters in the next screen. Click "Boost" to start the promotion. 

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