Schedule a Boost with a Scheduled Post
Automatically Boost a Post at a Future Time
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When you schedule posts to be shared at a future time, you can designate that a boost should occur immediately upon the post going live.

You can arrange this several places, as described below.

Boost from the Add Content View

When scheduling content to be published in the "Add Content View," click "Boost Post"  underneath the content, pick a boost goal, customize the boost parameters and then click "Continue." 

You can see, edit, and delete the scheduled boost on the Post Schedule page in the Queued Content column.

Boost from the Content Page

You can easily boost a post by navigating to the Content page and clicking the # count of Upcoming Posts adjacent to any given piece of content. This loads the Post Detail view for scheduled posts. Then navigate to the post you would like to boost and click "Boost Post."

Select your preferred boost goal (e.g. Website Clicks), select "Review" and then edit the boost parameters in the next screen. Click "Boost" to schedule the promotion. 

If you'd like to edit or delete a boost, you can do so by navigating back to the Content page, and click the Post Detail view for your specific piece of content to edit your boost directly or remove it entirely. 

You can also edit, manage, or delete your scheduled boost by going to the Post Schedule and finding your upcoming post within the scheduler. Click on the hamburger icon to open the edit boost modal or delete your boost entirely. 

Boost from the Post Schedule Page

In the Post Schedule page you can schedule a boost for content that's been scheduled by clicking the "Boost Post" button underneath the relevant piece of content. 

Boost from the Test Result View

You can Boost pieces of content from individual Test Result views as well. Navigate to the Test that you want to boost and then choose from the options below.

If you've already configured a test to post the best message upon completion - you can add a boost to the intelligently scheduled post by clicking the "Upcoming Post" link under the content preview. 

In the pop-up that appears, navigate to the boost button underneath "Paid Amplification" and set your boost goal and define your boost parameters. Once you're satisfied click "Save" to have your boost scheduled. 

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