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Amplify Performance With A Data Driven Boost
Automatically Boost Top Performing Posts
Automatically Boost Top Performing Posts
Take a Data-Driven Approach to Amplify Post Performance
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In minutes you can set sophisticated triggers to automatically promote posts when they hit performance targets you define. This eliminates guesswork and missed opportunities, ensuring you amplify posts when they have the most momentum.

To gets started, visit Automations & Alerts menu in Settings. Click '+ Create Trigger', or pick from a template to get started. If you haven't used our Triggers before, here's a quick overview: 

First, name your Trigger, then pick one Facebook page the boost action will apply to. 

Next, choose the post type the boost will apply to. Select from Link, Video, Photo, Text, or All Organic Link Posts:

From there, define which performance conditions must occur in order for a boost to be executed. 

You can specify one or many performance thresholds, and whether ALL or ANY conditions should be met. For example, you could specify that a Link Post must have more than 1,000 clicks, or has over 100 comments, or has a share rate that is in the top 10% of your posts in the past week. 

After choosing your performance thresholds, then move to the right side of the page and select "Boost a Post" as the action that you want to complete. 

Select a lifetime or daily budget, the budget you want to spend, the audience that you want to target, the duration of the boost and whether or not it's political content. 

You'll always be notified when boosts are executed. You can choose to be notified by email or a dedicated Slack channel.  

Feel free to add multiple notification types by clicking the "+ Add Another Action" button. 

Optionally Boost when Posts Meets Performance Thresholds

If you prefer to not automatically boost posts, we can still help you make more timely and informed boost decisions. 

In this case, please complete the same steps as for automated boosting above, but simply remove the boost action.

We'll notify you when content is performing well according to your rules, then you can complete a boost for that content from your Post Detail view and Post Schedule page.

Boost Top Performing Past Posts

Easily Find Past, High Performing Posts to Boost

Naytev provides you with all key information needed to identify how your posts are performing and boost posts that should be promoted,

From the Post Schedule Page

If you'd like to boost a piece of content that's already been posted, navigate to that piece of content on the right hand side of the Post Schedule and click "Boost Post." 

Once you kick off a boost, your post will be enhanced with a boost results view that highlights the paid and organic engagement you've earned. Click "View Post" to see the Post Detail view, which includes a more detailed performance breakdown.

From the Content Page

Naytev provides powerful search options so you can hone in on top performing posts based on any combination of metrics you care about. For example, you could choose to search for posts with the highest amount of traffic, video view rate, etc. in the past week, then selectively boost the best.

Visit the Content page, load your preferred Smart View, then click the # count of Previous Posts adjacent to any given piece of content.
This loads the Post Detail view. Then navigate to the Post you would like to boost and click "Boost Post" 

Select your preferred boost goal (e.g. Website Clicks), select "Review" and then edit the boost parameters in the next screen. Click "Boost" to start the promotion.  

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