To streamline your testing efforts we've given you the power to create custom optimization profiles where you can customize a test template for recurring use instead of manually picking settings every test. 

You can create an optimization profile based on a social handle, an optimization goal, or type of content. 

Here's how to create a Optimization Profile with your Facebook Pixel's Standard and Custom Events. 

TIP: Make sure that your Pixel is working correctly by downloading the Facebook Pixel Helper from the Chrome Store.

Go to your settings and click on the "Test and Publish" widget. 

Then navigate to the Optimization Optimization Profile tab and click create "New Optimization Profile."

Name and describe your optimization profile.

Select the Conversion Test Goal from the Test Goal dropdown. 

Select the Pixel you want to use and choose the event that you want to track. We show you all events associated with your chosen Pixel. 

TIP: Don't see your pixel? Make sure that you have the correct Ad Account Associated with Naytev. 

After selecting your goals you can choose a default Call To Action, define your budget, test duration and default posting option. Hit the save button and you're done! 

Now you're able to select your custom conversion optimization profile when you're testing, video, image or link content. 

TIP: Best Practices still apply to conversion tests! Need a quick refresher? Click here.

After your test has been created and submitted to Facebook, you'll notice that your test's individual result view has been enhanced to show important conversion metrics. 

Optimize your social content and drive more conversion. Have questions? Please don't hesitate to reach out to us! 

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