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Here's how to quickly tag your Instagram and Facebook tests
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Facebook requires that paid posts covering political topics must be labeled as political ads. These topics include, Abortion, Budget, Civil Rights, Crime, Economy, Education, Energy, Environment, Foreign Policy, Government Reform, Guns, Health, Immigration, Infrastructure, Military, Poverty, Social Security, Taxes, Terrorism, Values (Facebook list).

Political ads have a “Paid for by” label. Clicking the label takes you to a public archive that includes information like ad budget, total audience reached and basic demographics.

If you and your team team have already completed Facebook's Identify Verification and Page/Ad Account Linking, you're all set to use Political Ad labels in Naytev. If you haven't confirmed completion of these Facebook required approval steps, visit the 2nd half of this post to learn how to get started.

How to Use Political Ad Label After Being Approved

To enable the Political Ad label for your Facebook and Instagram tests, navigate to your Settings Tab and find the "Paid Promotion" option nested within your Organization or Team Section.

After clicking on the Paid Promotion option, navigate to the Content Defaults tab, scroll down until you see "Political Ad Optimization" and turn it on. A pop-up window will appear and confirm that your preferences have been saved. 

After your settings have been saved, you and your teammates have the option to denote whether a piece of content is political in the Content Creation screen. 

Apply to Use the Facebook and Instagram Ad Label

Facebook requires everyone to apply to use the political ad label; you'll need to complete Facebook's approval process before using the political ad label in Naytev.

Below are the application steps, which fall into 2 categories: (1) Identity Verification, and (2) Page/Ad Account Linking. Facebook notes the process can take up to 30 days, but we’ve found it can be completed in about 10 days assuming you have your ducks in a row.

Each person who runs an ad for your team will need to complete Identify Verification, but only your Page Admin needs to complete Page/Ad Account Linking. You cannot proceed to Page/Ad Account linking until you complete ID Verification.

(1) Identity Verification

  • Enable Two-Factor Authentication for your personal account

  • Confirm your US Mailing Address. Facebook will physically mail you a code that you then need to enter at It can take 7 days to receive the code by mail, and you can’t bypass this step

  • Upload photos of your License or Passport. Ensure the images are high resolution, have no glare, and clearly show the edges of the document with a dark background. Facebook is not forgiving on these requirements. If your documents are rejected, you can appeal, but it takes 24-48 hours for each appeal, and it’s best to just take fresh pictures that 100% follow Facebook’s requirements.

  • Confirm the Last 4 Digits of your Social Security Number

  • You only need to complete this confirmation once – it will automatically apply to all Pages and ad accounts you have access to

(2) Page/Ad Account Linking

  • After completing ID Verification, visit your Page settings in Facebook business manager (, and click “Authorizations” on the left menu panel

  • You’ll see that “Step 1: Confirm Your Identity” is complete, and you can then click to initiate “Step 2: Link Your Ad Accounts”

  • List the Ad Accounts that will be used for that given Page’s ads

  • Provide a disclaimer for each Ad Account

  • Review and submit your disclaimer for review. Facebook takes about 24 hours to review

Your Facebook Page Manager dashboard will show when Identity and Account Linking are both successfully completed: 

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