Naytev auto-archives and deletes ad sets after 30 days, but regular Ad Campaigns, Ad Sets, or individual ads that are started through Facebook sit in the Ads Manager forever. If you don't delete or manage completed legacy campaigns, you won't be able to create new tests. 

In order to free up some of that space, you'll have to go into your Facebook Business Manager and click "Manage Ads."

Deleting an inactive campaign is the quickest way to free up space and here's a GIF on how to do so: 

TIP: Deleted in Facebook Ads Manager actually translates to "Archived" - you'll always be able to see your deleted campaign data within Facebook. 

However, it's critically important not to touch any campaign that has the word Naytev in it. This un-synchs the data from the Facebook Campaign to the Naytev Dashboard and will lead you/all teams not being able to see results/past tests.

If you are unsure what campaigns are completed/inactive, you can also go to the Ads tab and filter the delivery column so that Inactive/Very Old Ads display first: 

Questions? Don't hesitate to reach out to us! 

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