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Easily Set Content Optimization Preferences to Save More Time
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Optimization Profiles further streamline your test creation, enabling you to create a test "recipe" for recurring use instead of manually picking settings every test. You can create an optimization profile based on a social handle, an optimization goal, or type of content. 

Create a New Optimization Profile 

Visit Team Settings > Test & Publish >  Optimization Profile to get started. You can build off an existing profile using the clone icon, or click "+ New Optimization Profile" to start from scratch. You can also edit an existing profile by clicking the pencil icon.

Customize the Optimization Profile Name, Description, Goal, Default Budget,  Test Duration and the Default Posting Option for your tests. 

Tip: The Default Posting Option will allow your best message to automatically be posted to your page at a set time you choose.  

You can pick from a variety of Test Goals, which vary by content type. For example, you can optimize for app installs with photos and videos, and you can optimize for engagement across all content types.

Set Preferred Optimization Profiles

If you visit your "Test Default" menu, you can set a preferred Optimization Profile for each content type. For example, you can arrange for your Link tests to always optimize for Website Clicks by default.

When you set up a new test, Naytev will automatically use your selected Test Default settings, but you can easily change the posting time, call to action, branded content handshake, etc. to customize your content on a test by test basis to tailor each "test" recipe to your content's needs. 

If you're interested in testing the same piece of content with a different goal in mind - easily change optimization profiles by cloning your test.

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