Organize and Manage Your Tags
Customize Your Tag Preferences and How to Edit and Delete Your Tags
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Tags can be set at the organizational level or at the team level.  Naytev will never auto-append any custom tags that you've created. 

  • Organizational Tags mean that all created tags are selectable across all teams within your organization. 

  • Team Tags mean that each team can create and manage their own unique tags.

Note: Only the Administrator can set the organization's tag preference. 

Adjust Your Preferences

Click on the gear icon in the left hand navigation bar to get to your "Settings." Navigate to your "Organizational Settings" tab and then select "Content Tags."

To set your content tag preference click on the gear icon and select Team Level or Organization Level from the dropdown. 

After you make your selection, a pop-up will appear letting you know what will happen to your existing tags. Click "Confirm" to save your preference. 

Manage Tags

To look at all created tags - navigate to the "Content Tag" widget within your Settings. 

Depending on your preferences, you'll be able to manage Organizational Content Tags at the Organizational Settings Tab and Team Tags at the Team Settings Tab. 

Within the Content Tag widget all existing tags will be listed alphabetically. You can edit your tags by clicking directly onto the tag.

You can delete tags by click on the red "X" icon next to each tag term.

You can also create tags by clicking the white "+" button in the upper right corner, typing your desired tag into the pop-up, and clicking "Create."

Happy tagging!

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