Append custom tags to your content through the test creation screen or in one of our existing content libraries. 

TIP: The only tag Naytev will auto-append to your content are tags that are set in your RSS Feed. Learn how to set up auto-appending tags below! 

Add Tags via the Test Creation Screen

In the Test Creation Screen, whether testing or posting content organically, click into the "Tag Content" dropdown to create new tags or select from previously created ones. 

After you click Continue, the tags within the Content Tags box will be associated with that piece of content. 

Add Tags tags to Existing Content 

Whenever you see the "Double Tag" icon, you're welcome to create, add or edit tags on your existing content. 

To add tags, click on the "double-tag" and start typing. Existing Tags will pop up as suggestions, but you can also type in any custom tags you want. 

To make sure that your changes are honored, click the double tag icon again and wait until changes are approved. 

You can add tags to media in the Content Library, your Test List, the All Content View and the Scheduler View. 

Create Your Content Tags from Scratch 

You can also create content tags from the "Content Tag" widget in your Settings. 

Note: If your content tag preference is set to "Organizational" only the Admin will be able to create and manage content tags. If your Content Tag Preference is set to "Team" the Admin and team members can manage and create content tags. 

Once you're in the Content Tag section of your settings, click the white "+" near the top right corner of your "tag box." Type whatever term you'd like to make a tag and then click the "Create" button. 

Delete any unwanted tags by clicking the red "X" to the right of the tag. 

Create Auto-Appending Tags for Your RSS Content 

Once you've linked an RSS Feed to Naytev and setup your import rules, you can also set the tags that you want to auto-append onto imported content. 

Navigate to Settings, click on Team or Organizational Settings, and then Content Feeds. Once on the Content Feed Page, click on the green pencil icon to Edit your RSS Feed and select the Social Handle that you want to add tags to. 

Open the Social Handle's Advanced Settings by clicking on the green Pencil Icon. 

In the "Content Tags" dropdown select from already created tags or type in your own. 

To make sure your changes stick, click "Save" and then "Save Feed." From here on out, all content detected from the RSS Feed with Content Tags will load into the library with the content tags that you specified. 

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