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Setup and Configure Your Unique Short Links
Setup and Configure Your Unique Short Links
Customize and Setup your Settings within Naytev.
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Constantly copying and pasting different URLs, short links, and who knows what else? You can now connect your account directly to Naytev to further streamline your social media workflow. 

Pro Tip: You need to be your Organization's Naytev Admin to attach your Bit.Ly Account. If you do not see the "Short Links" options in your Naytev Settings you are not an admin. 

After you connect your account you can input the original URL and have it automatically extra copying and pasting needed. 

Simply copy and paste your long url into the Post Text field to have it automatically shorten. However, be careful! Copy and paste the URL and any text copy separately in order to avoid errors.  

Connect Your Account

To connect your account click "Settings" in the left hand menu, navigate to your "Organizational Settings" tab, and click "Shortlinks."

There click the "Connect to" Button. 

In the pop-up that appears, please click "Allow" for Naytev to access your Account. 

After you allow Naytev access to your account, all the social handles that you have linked to Naytev will populate with your custom short links. 

Customize Your Settings

By default all short link options are "off" after initially connecting your account. Configure which social handles that you want short links active on. 

By using the dropdown lists on underneath the "Short Links" tag, you can customize how your short links appear. 

You can see a preview of how your links will appear in the column on the far right hand side. 

Now, you're all set! 

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