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Update Naytev Access to Individual Pages
Update Naytev Access to Individual Pages
If your permissions issues continue to happen let's take a look at your Facebook Application Settings.
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If you're absolutely certain that you have the correct permissions for your organization's Facebook Page and Ad Account, but still cannot join Naytev or add a new Facebook page, it may be because you customized the permissions that Naytev asked for during your initial onboarding. 

To give Naytev responsibilities to additional Facebook Pages, follow the steps below.  

Login to the Facebook Account that you use to login to Naytev with and navigate to your account settings. 

Once there, click on "Apps" in the left hand column, find "Naytev" and click "Edit." 

Find Naytev within your Applications and click on the grey "Edit" icon. 

A pop-up will open and you'll be able to open a list of Facebook Pages that you manage and publish content to. Click "Pages" in all 3 categories (Manage Pages, Show a list of Pages you Manage, and Publish as Pages You Manage) and select the pages that you want to connect to Naytev. 

To make sure your changes stick, please click "Save" in the pop-up window. 

Now, Naytev will have the ability to access those pages and any display or permissions errors should go away! 

If you're still unable to login to Naytev, please don't hesitate to reach out to us by clicking on the "Chat" button in the lower right hand corner of your screen. 

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