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There's never been more content on social, so how do you stand out? Post smarter. Naytev's advanced social posting takes your social game to the next level. We free up your busy day and boost performance, allowing you to focus on growth.

Whether you simply want to better manage posts across multiple social handles and networks, fully automate your team's social posts, optimize your post distribution, or leverage powerful message testing, we've got you covered. Here's a feature overview:

  • Automatically Schedule Your Posts: Eliminate the guesswork when planning posts. Naytev automatically organizes your posts based on your tailored rules and our insights on when your fans are most active. Optionally link your CMS or RSS Feeds for even more automation.

  • Save Your Post Preferences: the days of manually picking post times are over. Set your default post preferences and we take care of the rest. Select from a rich range of options, like post ASAP, post within a certain number of hours or days, or even within custom time ranges you might commonly use, like “The Weekend”.  

  • Effortlessly Track and Manage Your Content: The complete post history and performance of your content across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram is at your fingertips. Execute powerful queries in seconds with Naytev’s unique performance aggregation and advanced tagging. Not only can you conduct advanced analysis, but you can also make data-driven actions in seconds, like bulk recirculating content that meet certain parameters.

  • Leverage Trigger-Based Notifications and Actions: Automatically apply budget, take action on posts, or notify your team when custom performance thresholds are crossed.

  • Automatically Apply Custom UTMs and Short URLs: link your custom tracking parameters and short URLs in minutes, and Naytev will dynamically apply them for your future posts

  • Get Your Message Right, Every Time: When you want even greater content performance and insights, you can seamlessly run a message test before posting. Your tests drive results: 25% to 100%+ more clicks, video views, comments and shares.

  • Post With Earned Engagement: Naytev's advanced post testing tracks both paid and organic-from-paid engagement. Posting your best message with Naytev carries through all earned engagement, showing social proof to fans, and sending the right signals to Facebook and Instagram's complex feed algorithms.

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