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Restrict Naytev's Facebook Access
Restrict Naytev's Facebook Access
If you manage multiple social handles, you can customize the the Facebook Pages that Naytev can access.
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When you log onto Naytev for the first time, we ask you to give us Facebook access in order for our platform to function properly. You can feel free to give us approval for all your pages, because we will never take action on a page without your permission. 

To reiterate, we will never post to your Facebook Page without your explicit permission. Nothing going out from testing or our advanced publishing solution will ever be published without your knowledge. 

To put your mind at rest, you can customize what pages Naytev can access. In the pop-up dialogue that appears when you first log into Naytev, accept all prompts until you get to this screen: 

Click "Choose What You Allow." In the new window you'll be able to choose what pages that Naytev has managing and publishing permissions to. Choose your preferences accordingly and, when you're satisfied, click "OK."  

TIP: If you're managing numerous Facebook Pages, you can Select All or Clear All by toggling the original check mark icon on the right. 

And you're done! 

Please remember, that if you customize Naytev's access to Facebook, this might cause problems adding additional Pages later on. 

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