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What does it mean? How will my content be scheduled?
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The Post Intelligently ASAP Option is available for tested and untested content. By selecting this option your content will go into the next available time following the posting rules that you've set (Time between Posts, Maximum and Minimum Posts per Day, Posting Time, etc.) 

Tested Content

When you select "Post Intelligently ASAP" in the test creation screen, your test will run until it receives confident results and post your content in the next available time following the posting rules that you've set. 

For example: If I have my Posting Rules set to post content from 9am - 5pm from Monday to Sunday and my test completes at 6pm on Monday, it will go out first thing on Tuesday at 9am. 

Untested Content

When the testing toggle has been switched off and "Post Intelligently ASAP" has been selected, your content will be posted as soon as possible given available times and your posting rules. 

For Example:  If I have my Posting Rules set to post Monday to Sunday from 9am- 5pm and at noon I receive a piece of content that needs to go out today but doesn't have to go out at a specific time, I can choose Post Intelligently ASAP as the posting option. Based on existing content, and on your posting rules, your noon piece of content will go into the next available time and all other intelligently scheduled pieces of content will shift to adjust the "buffer time" that you set when you made your Posting Rules.

How does this interact with locked posts or manually scheduled content?  

Content that has been scheduled to go out at a specific time, locked into a specific time or posted immediately is the most highly ranked within our system. Since this is a manual action completed by you, we know that it was done with intention and trumps all intelligent posting. 

Following this, "Post Intelligently ASAP" content will automatically adjust around content that has been posted at a specific time or manually in order to follow the "Content Buffer" that you set. 

Why does the test run only until "confident results?" 

By default, Naytev makes the content eligible to post when the test has enough data to generate preliminary results. At the "Confident Results" stage, we've gathered enough data that has statistical significance and is the best time to execute the post. For other pieces of tested content that are not time sensitive, we recommend letting the test run until the entire budget is expended and then posting your content through Naytev to your Facebook Page or Instagram Handle. 

For time-sensitive content, we understand how important speed is so we have focused the "Post Intelligently ASAP" function on that. 

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