Optimizing your Facebook Instant Article presentation using Naytev's Global Optimization Service is as easy as updating the content on your page. Using the Naytev Results API, you will need to retrieve the data regarding your content. The response, either a 200 or 204 response, will share the best data if it is available. Once you have the winning variant, you can render it for Instant Articles.


Naytev will provide you with tailored guidance on how to integrate with Facebook Instant Articles after learning more about your current Instant Article integration. When you're ready to integrate Naytev with Instant Articles, please share the following information with your Naytev Customer Success Representative:

  • What tools or workflow do you use to create Instant Articles (e.g. a custom script, a special purpose tool, or something handwritten)?

  • How are you currently exporting your Instant Articles to Facebook?

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