Setup Your UTM Parameters
Get additional insight from your tests and where your traffic comes from by automatically appending custom UTMs
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Adding UTM Parameters to your links has never been easier. In fact, it's automatic! 

Our UTM Parameters function through an "importance" hierarchy allowing you to customize you auto-appending UTMs as you see fit. 

Organizational UTMs < Social Handle UTMs < Manually Entered UTMs 

TIP: Only an Administrator has the authority to customize the Organizational UTM Parameters. If you're having difficulty accessing this field, make sure to verify your team role first. 

UTM Parameters by Organization

Navigate to the "Account Settings" Page and click on the yellow UTM Parameters Section on the left-hand side of the page. Then toggle the UTM Parameters Switch in the upper left-hand corner "On." 

Now you'll be able to customize and add parameters as for your desired organization. We have some predefined options, but you also can type in custom terms of your own choosing and save them for future use. 

We allow you to add UTM parameters to tested and untested content links. If you'd like to see how your links will appear, there's an example of what a "live" link will look like at the bottom of each category. 

If your social handles each utilize different UTMs, don't worry! We have you covered. 

UTM by Social Handle 

We also allow you to set custom UTM Parameters at the social handle level. If you have Organizational UTMs active and Social Handle UTMs Active, Naytev will choose to auto-append your Social Handle UTMs over your Organizational UTMs.

You can access the Social Handle UTM Fields by going to your Team Settings, navigating to Social Handles and clicking on the appropriate handle's "Manage UTM Parameters" button. 

From there you'll be taken to a field, much like the Organizational Level UTM Parameter setup, where you can customize your UTM fields or choose from preselected values to associate with Tested and Untested Content. After customizing your fields make sure to toggle the "Active" switch at the top right to make those changes live. 

Manually Entering UTM Parameters

If you need to include a different UTM parameter, you don't have to go and change your settings to accommodate a "one time use" URL. 

Copy your unique URL and paste it into the URL field of the test creation screen. This will override any automatic social handle or organizational level UTMs. 

Using Organizational and Social Handle Level UTMs 

You can use a mix of Organizational and Social Handle level UTMs in order to customize UTMs for teams, but have the flexibility to have organizational level UTM's apply to your other team's tested and untested links. Just make sure the "Active" toggles are switched on for the social handles that you want custom UTMs for and your Organizational UTM's "Active" toggle is switched on for the rest of your pages.

You'll always be able to tell which social handles have "Active" UTM parameters at a glance! Just look for the green circle in the UTM Settings column. 

Now you're all set. If you have any further questions, reach out to us by clicking the chat button below!

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