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Organic Content: Audience Segmentation and Targeting
Organic Content: Audience Segmentation and Targeting
Fine tune your organic posts further with advanced audience segmentation, restricted audiences and targeting capabilities.
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When you post organic content to your page you can specify an audience that you want to target within Naytev. 

There are two ways that you can create your Custom Audiences and Restricted Audiences: within the "Add Content" Screen and within your Team Settings Page. 

Add Content Screen:  

When you add a new piece of organic content, make sure you toggle the "Run Test" switch off. 

Plug-in the content link, upload your video, or image you want to share and set the page that you want your content to post to. 

Tip: Preview on the right-hand side not showing up? Remember to set your Facebook Page! The content preview will not show up without it. 

Here you have two options: to create Preferred Audience or create Audience Restrictions. 

Set a Preferred Audience

To create a Preferred Audience, simply click on the tab, toggle the drop-down menu, select "Create Preferred Audience" and choose from the options in the pop-up. After you've finished filling out relevant fields, remember to click "Save."

You can save this segment for future use by toggling "Save this Segment", naming it, and clicking Save.

Or set it for a one-time use by clicking "Save" directly. 

Create Audience Restrictions: 

Similarly, you can create audience restrictions based on content. 

Select your restrictions and save it for future use by toggling "Save this Segment." 

Or set it for a one time use by setting your fields and clicking "Save" directly. 

If you want to create Preferred or Restricted Audiences independent of content, you can do so from the Team Settings Page. 

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