When you click "Preview", Naytev automatically generates post variations with creatives you provided in the Test Editor. We provide a preview of what the posts will look like in the mobile News Feed, where most engagement takes place.

If you see any typos, just click the "Edit" link at the top of the page. You'll be taken back to the "Content Editor" Page where you can click on the pencil icon to edit text and photos or the red "X" Icon to completely remove photos or titles you don't like. 

You can also completely remove a post variation from the "Preview Page" if you click the red 'X' icon shown on the specific post. 

Review Your Settings

Above the post previews, you can review and modify test settings. Naytev will use the default budget, target audience, and optimization goal your team defined during account setup. We recommend keeping these settings the same for most tests.

Submit Your Test

When you've reviewed everything, click "Run Test". Your test will be submitted to Facebook for review - Facebook will ensure all test messages meet their policy requirements (e.g. no nudity, marketing alcohol to minors, etc.). 

Once you submit your test, you can access it from your Optimization Feed, or from your Test menu. You can pause your test at any time (click pause in the top right corner of your Test Result view). However, to ensure clear results are achieved we recommend allowing your test to spend the full budget allocated. 

Important: Be sure that your team never modifies your test or the campaign containing it in Facebook Power Editor or Ads Manager. All changes can be made within Naytev. External changes may result in test failure.

Review Your Test Results

After Facebook approves your test messages, your test will start automatically, and Naytev will notify you via email when your test reaches confident results. Be sure to confirm your work email address under Account > Preferences so you receive a notification when confident results are reached.

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