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Can I test multiple Facebook Pages?

Naytev enables you to run dark tests on as many Facebook Pages as you want.

To modify which Page you're testing from:

  • Visit the Facebook Pages tab
  • Select the Page you'd like to add and Click Add
  • If desired, set the selected page as the default page.

If you have multiple Facebook Pages, you can always choose which page to run a test or post from at the individiual test level.

Note: You must have access for any page you'd like to use within the Naytev dashboard.

Do I have to connect my Facebook account to use Naytev

Yes. Naytev imports your target audience directly from Facebook Power Editor, so we'll need to connect in order to access your specified audience.

Can I run an experiment that points to my Facebook Page?

Yes; you can drive a dark test to your Facebook Page by setting the 'URL to Promote' to ""

Can I use Naytev with multiple ad accounts?

Yes; Naytev supports multiple ad accounts, though only on some plans.

How does the Naytev dashboard sort/order display messages?

The page automatically updates to rank ads based on how many times Facebook has served them (impressions). For the first few hours of a test, they may appear in seemingly random places as messages compete for performance.

How many ad sets do most publishers test a month?

Smaller publishers often run 3-5 top performers of the day. Larger publishers may want to test 5-15 pieces a day.

How do I figure out a test winner? The top-ranked one doesn't look like the best one to me.

We recommend focusing on CTR (Website clicks) and CPC (Website clicks) when evaluating results. They're the simplest and most telling components for success in your final Facebook post.

Note: If you do choose a "winner" that doesn't rank at the top, just make sure it has enough impressions for you to feel confident in the test.

When an ad ranked much lower looks like it has a better CPC/CPR than the one Naytev ranked at the top, it could mean two things.

  • That version did very well with a niche part of your audience, but its appeal wasn't as broad.
  • You could be looking at a dark horse. If a version doesn't "catch on" right away, the test could end before it gets all the impressions the top version did. (Suggest extending test if you feel adamant about it?) highers wedsite CTR & CPC if you're torn. Conversion + broad engagement.

Why didn't Facebook approve my ads?

Facebook rejects ad sets from a number of reasons. Disapproved Facebook ads commonly feature images that contain over 20% text, or have Facebook's logo in the foreground. Overly "salesy" ads violate Facebook's ad quality guidelines.

For some additional context, we recommend checking out this guide, 68 Reasons Why Your Facebook Ad Got Rejected. If you’re certain Facebook made an error, you can file an appeal form with Facebook. Unfortunately, this often costs more time than it is worth. We almost always suggest that users scrap rejected messages and update the test with something new.

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