Naytev allows you to set your "defaults" to whatever testing and publishing options that fit into your workflow best. Customize your options to have a frictionless testing and publishing experience from creation to post. 

You can customize your "Content Start Up Screen" by navigating to your settings in the lefthand sidebar. Then find the "Test and Publish" icon nested in your Organizational Settings tab or your Team Settings tab.

  • If you only have one team the "Test and Publish" Icon will be on the Organizational Settings Page. 
  • If you have multiple teams the "Test and Publish" Icon will be on the Team Settings Page for each team. 

After you click into the widget you'll see the screen below where you can manage Content Defaults, Test Defaults, and Publish Defaults.

Content Defaults

Ad Account Configuration: 

In the Content Default screen - you can switch the ad account that Naytev is testing out of and check on the status of your Naytev campaign. 

TIP: Leave your Naytev Campaign alone! If you pause, delete or do anything to your Naytev campaign within the ads manager this will cause the Facebook data that's transferred to Naytev to become inaccurate. 

Branded Content Defaults: 

If your team does branded work often, or only does branded work, you can streamline the process by making sure the "Branded" handshake is always enabled. If you want to limit a Team to only testing and publishing content, you can disable the function from even appearing on the "Test Creation" page. 

Publishing Defaults: 

The final options that you can customize are the defaults for your content types and test options. For your Default Content Type, choose the type of content that you post or test the most - that way you don't have to waste time by clicking between types of content. 

If you have teams that don't test or only utilize Naytev to post organic editorial content, you can completely remove the testing option from their default Content Creation screen. 

Testing Defaults

In your testing defaults, you can change the default page and posting option for your tested content to automatically go out. 

Choose the default page from all the social handles that you've connected to Naytev utilizing the related dropdown. 

Select the timeframe that you use most to automatically post the best message to your page from the posting option dropdown.
In this tab you can control the default budget and goal for your tests. By setting your goal and budget before hand - you have control over the default actions of your test editors. 

TIP: If you'd like to learn more about the individual test goals. Read our article here.

Make sure your changes are honored by clicking the "Save" button at the bottom of the page. 

Publishing Defaults

Much like testing defaults, you can customize your publishing defaults as well. 

For many publishers, "Within 7 Days" is too long of a timeframe for content to go out. Customize the timeline to suit your own needs. You can create a custom posting window or choose from our predetermined intelligent timelines. 

You can toggle the "Post Status" button at the bottom to make your content go "on hold" before being officially published to your Facebook feed. This means that they'll wait in the content queue and need an additional manual action (switching them to active) before they're cleared to publish.

We hope this helps and cuts more of that busy time from your plate. If you have any questions about setting up your defaults, please don't hesitate to reach out. 

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