You can easily recirculate past tweets through the All Content Page. The driving force behind Naytev's publishing logic is adhering to the best publishing practices enforced by social media platforms themselves.  When we inquired about the best publishing practices for Twitter, the Director of Twitter's Ecosystem shared Twitter's philosophy on recirculating content and the latest anti-spam rules that Twitter is enforcing. 

Posting Duplicate Tweets + Twitter's Anti-Spam Policy 

  • Twitter is against the posting of duplicate Tweets, and cracking down on inconsistent enforcement in Buffer, SocialFlow, and Twitter's own interface. This is consistent with our policy outlined in 'The Twitter Rules.'
  • Taking advantage of the inconsistent enforcement "is not something we want to see -- it's bad for users and the platform and is very likely to get accounts suspended for spamming."
  • There is not a partner option to be whitelisted to bypass Twitter's Duplicate Tweet spam policy.

In light of this new information, if your team needs to share Twitter content multiple times, we recommend that that you use different copy for each of your 280 character tweets. Please note, if your tweets are scheduled too closely together, this action may still put content at risk as being flagged as spam by Twitter.

Recirculating a Tweet from the All Content Page: 

Click on the "All Content" Page in the left-hand side navigation bar. Once there, you can customize the content filters on the left hand side to find the content that you want to repost. 

After you find a piece of content that you want to recirculate, this includes content that has already been posted to your handles, click the green "+" icon to the far right hand side of the page. You'll be taken to the "Test Creation" page and your content will be preloaded into the URL field. 

Switch the "Test" toggle off, select the Twitter handle that you want to post your content to, and choose when you want your tweet to go out by selecting a posting option from the dropdown. As a final step, In the preview screen make sure to change your Tweet Text before posting. 

Your content will now post to Twitter and the time you designated. 

Can't find your past tweets within the All Content View? 

Due to Twitter's API, we cannot pull tweets that were posted before you linked your Twitter Account to Naytev. If you post your Twitter Content through us, we will will archive them within the All Content for future reposting. 

If you want to recirculate Twitter Content not found in the All Content View or schedule a tweet to go out multiple times in a single day, you can accomplish this by going to the "Create Content Page." 

"Recirculating" a Tweet from the Create Content Page: 

Copy the link that you want to recirculate, go to Naytev's home page, and click the green "+" icon in the upper right hand corner. Switch off the testing toggle and enter the link into the URL field and select the posting options and the Twitter handle that you want to publish to.  

By going through this process, you're recirculating your content and loading it into the Naytev Archive for additional recirculation. 

If you have any additional questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to us! 

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