You can now auto-publish to Twitter from your website's RSS feed through Naytev. If you haven't linked your handle(s) to any RSS Feeds, take a look at this tutorial to help you get started. 

Once you've linked your Twitter Handle(s), Naytev takes the content from your RSS Feeds and structures them in a specific way. 

The title of your content will be generated from your content's assigned OG Tags. Naytev will automatically pull from the "twitter:title" OG tag and if that's unavailable we'll then pull the"og:title" OG tag. If the "twitter:title" and "og:title" OG tags have not been set, we'll pull from the site's title. 

As twitter is strict with its character and word count, we keep the tweet to 140 characters and do not include the author. 

  • 23 for the URL
  • 117 for the title

If your title is longer than the 117 character limit, we automatically add the ellipses (...) to indicate there's more to the reader. 

Happy posting! 

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