Facebook is the largest and fastest growing source of traffic for top websites, and Naytev A/B tests how your content is packaged for Facebook. Naytev identifies which images and text perform best, enabling easy, data-driven optimization.

Naytev's tests are conducted on Facebook, and all standard plans enable you to easily apply the results to your Facebook Page posts. Naytev's advanced API service enables you to also apply the results to your website to maximize engagement.

Naytev's API enables you to apply your best content packaging everywhere you would like, from on-site sharing to Facebook Instant Articles and Google AMP. Below are just a few example applications:

  • Open Graph Tags: Use the best headline, description, and image from your test for your og:title, og:description, and og:image. This ensures that every time a reader shares your content, the message shared is the version proven to drive the most engagement and referral traffic.
  • Content Headlines and Lede Images: Use the best test headline and image for your website content.
  • Content Previews: Use the best headline and image from your test when displaying a preview of your content or recommended content on your website.

Learn more about different optimization options below:

To use Naytev's API, you'll first need to learn how our API Authorization works:

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